• Eco-friendly yoga mat

    Eco-friendly yoga mat

    A yoga mat is a mat that you put under while practicing yoga, it can be said to be very convenient and practical exercise tools. On the yoga mat, you can do many exercises without equipment, such as plank support, abdominal crunching, etc. You can exercise many parts of the shoulders, neck, abdominal muscles, buttocks and legs; and you can also practice yoga to beautify your posture. Teach you some basic movements on the yoga mat to help you relax your mind and body and relieve the stress of a tense study day.
  • Silicone gel knee support with adjustable straps

    Silicone gel knee support with adjustable straps

    The knee joint is easy to be injured due to various reasons, and the bones are more easily deformed with age, so the knee should be protected. Before your knee is injured, choose the right knee pad. This silicone knee support promotes blood circulation; the silicone ring wraps 360 ° around both sides of the knee joint to provide full support protection for the knee joint, the silicone knee support is durable and wear-resistant.
  • Long resistance bands set

    Long resistance bands set

    Our bands are made from premium elastic materials and are held to the highest quality standards possible, these bands are non slip and will not break or roll up on your legs while you workout; includes an exercise book which contains the most beneficial leg and booty strengthening exercises, also includes a compact and portable mesh carry bag for taking the bands on travel trips near and far.
  • Knee booster

    Knee booster

    This knee booster has three built-in springs to enhance the strength of the knee and support the knee. It is mainly aimed at people with knee discomfort. This product reduces knee pressure, relieve knee pain, upper and lower band can bidirectional fixation of patella, reduce the impact of the knee. Compared to many protective products, this booster directly acts on the leg, which can successfully feedback the energy released by your walking back, thus playing the role of protecting the knee. ...
  • Badminton racket

    Badminton racket

    Our racket head is traditionally round. The sweet zone of the racket is the best hitting zone on the surface of the racket. The sweet zone of the racket is near the fourth line of the horizontal line. When the hitting point is in the sweet spot, it can give you enough hitting power, ball control, and little vibration. Each racket is marked with its weight. Most of our full-carbon badminton rackets weigh 85-89 grams, while the weight of aluminum-framed badminton rackets is generally above 95-1...
  • Open patella knee brace

    Open patella knee brace

    Double row of silicone anti-slip strip design, prevent sliding in the process of movement, the upper strap protects and promotes the repair of damaged meniscus and ligaments, the internal spring bar design assists the knee joint to stabilize and absorb the impact capacity, protecting the knee joint, the lower strap reduces patella pressure and prevents patella strain.
  • Ribbon fish waist brace

    Ribbon fish waist brace

    This waist brace is mainly focused on waist protection, with double compression strap for support, five metal plate in the back. The waist brace is light, thin, soft and ventilate. Exercise for ten minutes in this waist trimmer will make you sweaty. Double adjustable elastic belt can ensure you a good compression and also breathable. Multiple sizes and colors are available, OEM is also accepted.
  • Waist and thigh support

    Waist and thigh support

    Promotes an additional increase in heat and sweating when used during exercise; Contoured and flexible to adjust to your shape&size. Simply stretch it around your thigh area. Includes 2 premium neoprene thigh trimmers for ultimate comfort; Durable Material for Strong Support; Wraparound Style easy to put on and take off; Neoprene support helps keep the thigh muscles tight and secure
  • 7mm neoprene knee sleeve

    7mm neoprene knee sleeve

    The 7mm knee sleeve we produce is made of neoprene and nylon, the breathable and high elasticity material can give you good compression and provide support to your knee. We can customize color and size for you, and customized logo is also accepted. This knee sleeve is applied for sports protection, and available for adult and children.
  • Terry cloth wristband

    Terry cloth wristband

    It has a certain support and stabilization effect on the wrist joint, can ease the impact of external forces on the wrist, and provide comfort and appropriate joint warmth, suitable for most sports, can effectively prevent wrist dislocation in movement. Good performance of sweat absorption, comfortable to wear, patterns and colors can be customized.
  • Full back support

    Full back support

    The back support is double pressure, three PE keels provide support for the lumbar, 360°three dimensional surround, fully pressurized, more comfortable to wear. This product use breathable fabric, quickly absorb sweat, skin-friendly and not stuffy. With the adjustable Velcro, the degree of tightness can be controlled at will. We support logo customization to provide you with better experience.
  • Double compression ankle strap

    Double compression ankle strap

    Breathable mesh material, single wrap around design creates binding pressure on the ankle joint, concentrates the force on the ankle, elastic seaming, powerful Velcro, reduces excessive or improper load, and provides stable support for the ankle. Freely adjustable, stable pressure, strong support, easy to wear. The buckle is still sticky without drawing even using many times.
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